Dear Editor: The Madison school district continues to use their taxing authority to drain hard-earned money from residents to fund the failed social engineering experiment started but the recently resigned radical superintendent.

The district recently approved a budget that includes increased property taxes that continue to fund full-time social workers, psychologists and behavior intervention “specialist” positions. The city and county have these positions on staff and taxpayers should not be burdened with duplicate costs that are also supplied through health care plans, private and public. These positions promote a leftist political behavior modification agenda that prohibits free speech and relieves the parent or guardian of being responsible for their children.

The new norm should be cost control and this is central moving forward. It is the school district's responsibility to provide 100% accountability for spending and the time has come for transparency and true communications with the entire population of Madison and the communities you serve.

The school district plan encourages an equity of outcomes by lowering academic measurements for success so students without the capacity would feel that they were succeeding and receive achievement ribbons for participation. Meanwhile, math and reading test scores have declined since these policies were enacted. Our children are soft, weak and falling behind. It’s time to eliminate failed policies and provide equity of opportunity, not imagined outcomes that do nothing to prepare children for endeavors in the workforce. The Madison school district is failing us all.

Rick Cruz


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