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Richard S. Russell: Comparing Trump's fight to Walker recall effort is wrong

Richard S. Russell: Comparing Trump's fight to Walker recall effort is wrong

Dear Editor: Letter writer Brian Heller must think Wisconsinites have terribly short memories when he writes that the attempt to recall former Gov. Scott Walker was simply out of spite because the Democrats hadn’t been able to defeat him in a fair election, something that never even occurred to anyone when honest Republicans like Warren Knowles, Lee Dreyfus, or Tommy Thompson won the office fair and square.

Recall that Wisconsin’s law on recalls itself involves a fair election, not a coup or court challenge, and in Walker’s case was based not on the pique of sore losers but rather on Walker’s own duplicity. He never campaigned in 2010 on a platform of destroying public employee unions, degrading the environment, defunding public schools, massive partisan gerrymandering, and raiding the public treasury for the benefit of private corporations, but when it became apparent that that was the way he intended to govern, citizens rightly figured that they’d been snookered by a bait-and-switch operation and demanded a fair shot at voting against what he actually stood for, rather than his milquetoast campaign slogans.

Richard S. Russell


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