Dear Editor: Voice of the People contributor Joanne Laufenberg of Lake Geneva advocates support for a constitutional convention using “logic” that is shockingly ill informed for an advocate of such an approach.

She writes: "Calling a convention of states is a legal, peaceful and constitutional means that gives the people the upper hand — not legislators.”

In fact, the exact reverse is true. The delegates to such a convention would not be ordinary citizens, nor even chosen by ordinary citizens, but people selected by the legislators themselves.

And said legislators are under no compulsion to be even-handed about it. For example, both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature are controlled by Republicans. There is nothing whatever to prevent them from sending an all-Republican slate of delegates to a constitutional convention, and no RINOs need apply.

Many other states are similarly gerrymandered to provide for continued one-party domination. A constitutional convention would simply ratchet that practice up to the federal level where, as Ms. Laufenberg correctly but somewhat inconsistently points out, "a convention of states cannot be bipartisan due to the nature of today’s politics.”

The simple fact is that it’s not the people calling for a balanced-budget amendment (the nominal object of a convention), but big, dark-money special interests. The amendment that real people really ARE calling for (about 100 communities in Wisconsin alone) is one to get big money out of politics forever by reversing Citizens United. But, for some odd reason, the Legislature and sad dupes like Ms. Laufenberg can’t see their way clear to get behind that one.

Richard S. Russell


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