Dear Editor: I wish that the current Republican Party would stop referring to themselves as “The Party of Lincoln." Nothing could be further from the truth. The party of Lincoln’s time believed that the country should be united and work together. Lincoln said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand." Rather than sowing the seeds of hatred and division about, Lincoln worked to keep the Union together. Lincoln spoke of “malice towards none” and “charity for all." Lincoln did not count dictators and despots as his close friends. Lincoln had no false pride and was a man of humility.

The current party seeks to exclude people that can help to build this nation into what it once was and goes so far as to deport some of those that helped defend and protect our union. The current party courts our enemies and shuns our allies. The current party uses lies, hatred and bullying tactics to persuade people to back them. The legislative members of the current party, both Federal and statewide, are afraid to stand up to the leadership and fall victim to these tactics. Not only are they cowards, but also hypocrites.

Rather than be called the “Party of Lincoln”, the present Republican Party should call themselves the “Party of McCarthy and Trump," because they both used and use the same political rhetoric to spread their message. Using lies, fear, hatred and bullying tactics to turn one side against the other, with the country, as a whole, as the loser.

Richard Jens

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