Dear Editor: On Dec. 5, with the help of outgoing Gov. Walker, the Republican-controlled Legislature spat in the face of the Wisconsin electorate. Having lost the offices of governor and attorney general, the Republicans passed legislation in a lame-duck session to limit the powers of incoming Gov. Tony Evers and Attorney General Josh Kaul. And as if that wasn’t enough, the Republicans voted to further disenfranchise Wisconsin voters by reducing early voting to only two weeks.

With this latest obvious and pathetic attempt to hold on to the levers of power, we now see how utterly wretched and morally bankrupt the Republican Party has become. Over the last eight years, Scott Walker and his allies in the Legislature have gutted public education, denied health care to hundreds of thousands of Wisconsin citizens, allowed our roads and bridges to fall into disrepair, completely trashed local control, made unconscionable restrictions to voting, and so gerrymandered our voting districts that Republicans maintain control in the Legislature no matter how many Democrats turn out to vote. And now, Scott Walker leaves us with a parting gesture of the most profound contempt for democracy and the will of the people.

Clearly, the Republicans think that they can take these actions with impunity and that there will be no consequences. Instead, their blatant power grab will be burned into our memories as we approach the 2020 elections with the single-minded goal of removing Republicans from the offices that they have so thoroughly disgraced. It will take years to undo the terrible damage that has been done to this state. To accomplish that, we need to vote as if democracy itself depends on it. The lessons of the last eight years are abundantly clear: Do NOT stay home on election day! Ever.

Richard Godfrey

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