Dear Editor: As the impeachment inquiry debacle continues to unfold, it is now becoming clear that only Trump can win an impeachment battle. He has the power to withhold cooperation and the power to make it stick. He also has the power to make the inquiry a long, hard slog.

Impeachment has a very short shelf life. A never-ending inquiry has the practical effect of losing independent voters, which Democrats can ill afford to do. Losing independent voters comes with the consequential loss of House seats, Senate seats, and the presidential election.

The best Democrats can hope for in this process is a nasty stalemate. The worst that can happen is a second term for Trump, a Supreme Court stacked with conservatives, and a never-ending flood of bad Republican legislation.

Nancy Pelosi needs to find an exit ramp as soon as possible and return her party to the issues that matter to the American people: making health care available and affordable for all Americans, cutting the ridiculously high cost of prescription drugs, extending the life of Social Security, solving the crushing burden of student loan debt and saving future generations from the devastation caused by global warming.

The clock is ticking for Democrats to get back on message and prove to the nation that the Democratic Party is the party of solutions. With little more than a year before the 2020 general election, there isn’t much time left to change the conversation.

Richard Godfrey


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