Dear Editor: The drumbeat in Democratic ranks for Trump’s impeachment have been growing louder, and Speaker Pelosi has been resisting that call. She is right to do so. The last time this happened, the House Republicans impeached Bill Clinton, and it blew up in their faces.

Democrats need to ask themselves exactly what they intend to get out of this — Trump’s removal from office? Not going to happen in the Republican-controlled Senate. And even if by some miracle it did, what are we left with? Pence? Is that really better?

Impeachment proceedings will suck all the oxygen out of Capitol Hill and leave us with absolutely nothing. Trump is the only one who benefits, by getting to play the victim, one of the few things he’s really good at doing. The Democrats’ winning healthcare message for the midterm elections would be completely drowned out. We need other things fixed, too — the crushing burden of student loan debt, Social Security, and massively gerrymandered voting districts, to name a few.

Democrats need to maintain discipline and stay on message. Trump absolutely deserves to be removed from office, but let the voters take care of that in the 2020 elections.

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Richard Godfrey


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