Dear Editor: Donald J. Trump took time out of his busy tweeting schedule recently to go out to Utah to shrink federal protection of majestic natural resources.

With his usual flurry of rhetorical demagoguery, Trump laid out all the reasons why protection is bad. Up next? Shrinking the Grand Canyon and renaming it the "Lesser Grand Canyon"?

Then Trump (wearing his MAGA cap while standing next to the hole) will say: "It's just a hole in the ground and look at the views from that rim! It would be a beautiful place for a new Trump casino to rise as part of making America great again."

Ken Burns (in his series on the national parks) called our protected lands "America's best idea."

Trump's next executive order will right that wrong too, and will authorize millions in tax dollars to put Burns to work on his next documentary detailing America's REAL best idea: electing the Manhattan populist as president of the United states.

Just more fake news for the masses, courtesy of the crazy orange clown that America selected to preserve democracy and other great American ideas.

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Richard Berg


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