Dear Editor: I write to address how social media affect our personal lives. I think that the use of social media for many may be an overuse, detaching us from things that are important to us. One thing that stands out is the irresponsibility of use. We often get into our own worlds when it comes to social media so that we don’t take time to do real things such as engaging in a hobby, a sport or something that does not require the use of cellphones or the internet. I grew up without cellphones and it was not until years into my first time in college where cellphones began to be the norm.

I feel strongly about addressing this topic because social media will always be in our present and future. These issues need to be discussed between parents and children, partners, friends and so forth.

One thing I think the older generation should contribute is sharing with the younger generation what it was like to not have cellphones or even computers to communicate. Without this sharing, the younger generation is missing a piece to how communication is in its natural state.

The point I am trying to get to is the negatives of social media and how it affects our society, our kids and our world today. We should talk about how the media impact our daily lives and issues that are in the media such as gun violence. We should discuss what we can do as a community to bring people, kids and community together and not wait until something disastrous happens to do something about it.

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Rashard Griffith


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