Dear Editor: Wisconsin Democracy Campaign executive director Matt Rothschild has hit the nail on the head. Enbridge didn’t want to purchase $25 million worth of oil spill insurance that Dane County insisted on as a condition of building a new pumping station as they tripled the amount of toxic tar sands pumped through the county. So this Canadian company’s lobbyists found some legislator to insert a last-minute, anonymous amendment to the 2015 Wisconsin state budget to deprive Dane County — and all counties — of the right to protect their taxpayers’ money.

Enbridge told us not to worry, that they have always paid to clean up their messes. But the Dane County Board was looking forward to a time (which might already be upon us), when Enbridge won’t have the money to clean up a huge mess like the Kalamazoo River spill. The price of their stock has plunged as investors seek a safer place for their money. The day they can’t afford to clean up their latest spill, and the federal fund has been emptied by another spill or three, who will pay? Will counties have to go bankrupt to clean up toxic, flammable carcinogenic tar sands, or will their land and water just stay contaminated?

The people of Wisconsin who voted in the Supreme Court justices did not mean to elect people who would let such a thing happen. The justices’ first priority must be to protect the people, land, water, and taxpayers of Wisconsin, not a foreign, for-profit company.

Phyllis Hasbrouck


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