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Paul Kristoffersen: Trump must resign now

Paul Kristoffersen: Trump must resign now

Dear Editor:  The word "relevant" is defined as “the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate.”

Although the president continues to tout his personal greatness and how great his presidency has been for this country, one finds that the American people have begun to discount his words, his actions and his rhetoric.

We, as American people have realized that we are on our own, and have been that for several years. It appears that many American citizens have begun to find President Trump is no longer relevant. He is not connected to us and certainly inappropriate.

Why, well the COVID-19 virus has killed over 105,000 of us and the President has stayed silent. A police officer has murdered an unarmed black American and the president is silent. Mass demonstrations have occurred all over this country and the president is silent.

President Trump’s silence and lack of leadership is actually deafening to all of us.

We, as American’s can not wait four more months for the next election. Americans need to demand the resignation of this president now.

Paul Kristoffersen


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