Dear Editor: Starting July 1, wildlife in northern Wisconsin will be once again under siege. This date marks the beginning of Wisconsin’s yearly harassment and legal animal fighting against Wisconsin’s bears as part of the bear hound “training” season. For the next several months, animal fighters from across the nation will descend upon the northwoods to take advantage of the unregulated free for all that is the hound “training” season in Wisconsin.

For three-and-a half months, packs of hounds will be allowed to chase bears 24/7 for hours and miles on end through the heat of summer. If the bear doesn’t make it up a tree, a life or death fight between the bear and pack of hounds often ensues leading to injuries and sometimes death. If the hounds aren’t harassing bears, they often come upon rendezvous points where gray wolves congregate with their pack and young of the year. As expected, the wolves will defend their pups and territory against the trespassing packs of hounds. This often ends up with many dead hounds and a $2,500 taxpayer payout for each one.

Wisconsin is the only state in the country that gives reimbursements to the hounders that deliberately send their dogs against wildlife and that die while fighting wolves. Wisconsin is already known by many as a “poacher’s paradise” and the unregulated and unmonitored hound “training” allowed in this state only helps to solidify that reputation. Even worse is the fact that you pay those that instigate these deadly attacks on our wildlife. This animal fighting and the payoffs for dead hounds are not only legal in Wisconsin but are also encouraged by the Wisconsin DNR and many in the state legislature. How do you feel knowing that as a taxpayer you are funding animal fighting? Learn more at

Paul Collins


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