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Patricia Randolph: Vote this week to protect Wisconsin's white deer

Patricia Randolph: Vote this week to protect Wisconsin's white deer

Dear Editor: Wisconsin’s white deer population near Boulder Junction and Leland is small, rare and beautiful. 14 million people watched the PBS special, “Ghosts of the Forest," bringing thousands of tourists to see and photograph them.

All people can vote on whether hunters can kill them. White deer meat is the same as brown deer meat. This is a trophy kill.

With the February wolf bloodbath added to DNR atrocities, there is no trusting this state agency or hunters.

This Madravenspeak column explains more about the white deer herd. 

From April 12 at 7 p.m. until April 15 at 7 p.m., any person, any age, in Wisconsin or anywhere in the world can vote on Wisconsin wildlife issues, including a white deer hunt. It is question #14 on the Conservation Congress section of this questionnaire. The question is framed to deceive the voter into thinking the white deer’s recessive gene is a fault. Blue eyes in humans are a recessive gene, simply a gene that is expressed rarely. Only one in 20,000 deer is white. There may be 75 white deer in Wisconsin.

Mike Richard, bow-hunter and photographer, posts the Protect the White Deer website his photography website. There he states: “By no means are the white deer defective as some people believe — they are strong, aggressive deer and the brown deer will run off when the white deer arrive.”

The Wisconsin questionnaire is entirely designed and promoted by the DNR and hunter minority. The questions can be confusing to the 90% majority who do not kill. The Alliance for Animals Facebook page has a humane “cheat sheet” shared to my page.

In-person county elections are delayed for another year. A vital part of the annual vote are the humane citizens’ vote on resolutions which are proposals for change. Some are:

• Ban killing contests. There are 43 of them identified in Wisconsin. Hundreds of coyotes, foxes and bobcats are killed for thrill and prizes — then discarded like trash.

• Banning use of dogs on wolves.

• Banning bear baiting.

• Term limits on county delegates.

• Democratizing funding of the DNR away from 90% killing license funding bias.

• Democratizing take of wildlife so humane citizens can pay the same to keep a wild animal safe as a hunter pays to kill one.

• Protect beavers from unlimited trapping. Beavers create habitat for half of the endangered species on earth.

Wild animals cannot vote. Please network this opportunity widely and VOTE!

Patricia Randolph


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