Dear Editor: The conservatives are masters at messaging. They often frame liberal politicians as "far left" and "outright socialists" living on the fringe of the Democratic Party. The policies put forth by these ultra-liberal politicians include national health care for all, paid family leave, guaranteed paid sick leave, guaranteed paid vacation, and subsidized daycare.

Unlike the Republicans in the United States, the remainder of the developed world considers these social programs to be essential services provided by government to help citizens live a high quality of life. None of these countries would consider repealing any of these social programs since they are standard and necessary. The United States stands alone in not providing these essential benefits to its citizenry.

Conservatives have convinced voters that those programs can't work here. But then they also threw shade on Social Security and Medicare when they were introduced by Democrats. Those programs are now considered essential to the health of our nation.

Pamela Midbon

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