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Opinion | Where's the outrage over racism against Black conservatives?

Opinion | Where's the outrage over racism against Black conservatives?

Dear Editor: Where is Joe Biden, Kamala Harris or Al Sharpton when white racists assault a Black man in America?

Larry Elder, a popular radio talk show host and candidate for governor in California’s recall against Left Coast Liberal Gavin Newsom, is gaining significant momentum, and the left is losing their minds. Elder has had obscenities screamed at him, been physically attacked, pelted with eggs and his team shot at with a pellet gun. The Los Angeles Times called him the “Black face of white supremacy,” saying he is a “clear and present danger” to black Californians.

This is how the “tolerant” left reacts when a Black person dares to question their ridiculous Marxist dogma. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, Dr. Ben Carson, Lt. Col. Allen West, Candace Owens, Star Parker, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Sen. Tim Scott. Rep. Byron Donalds and Elder are all prominent black conservatives under intense attack from the far left.

Democrats are having a meltdown because Elder, a Black man, dares to say things like, "I submit to you that systemic racism is not the problem and critical race theory and reparations are not the answer."

Sallie Helmer


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