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Opinion | Vos snubs representative government

Opinion | Vos snubs representative government

Dear Editor: Robin Vos has betrayed our Republic, Wisconsin and the U.S. In 2011, he imposed a legislative dictatorship on the people of Wisconsin. Through gerrymandering, Vos suspended representative democracy in the Badger State, inflicting one-party rule Vlad Lenin would be proud of, that need not heed the will of the people.

In 2012 and 2018, the GOP retained power over our state Legislature and congressional delegation despite losing statewide to Democrats. Gavel-in-and-out Vos knows he’s “immune” from the voters and has shown repeatedly that he feels no need be responsive to the electorate.

Founder John Adams said the representative assembly “should be in miniature, an exact portrait of the people at large.” If the founders meant for the people to have a say in their representation only every 10 years, they would have prescribed elections be held once a decade.

Vos and his gang will spend over $1 million of our tax money during the redistricting process to deny us our representation and maintain his dictatorial grasp on the people’s houses for another decade.

Vos went gallivanting with Trump, helping sell The Big Lie that Trump won. He’ll use $680,000 more taxpayer dollars on a sham investigation, because he fears a Trump-endorsed primary challenger if he doesn’t. Vos has broken faith with the people of Wisconsin and the very foundation of our representative democracy.

This politics of bloodless war governance is threatening our republic. Every citizen of this state deserves meaningful representation. We need representatives closer to the center of the political bell curve, who work to represent all their constituents, because if they don't they're at risk of losing their seat to the other party, not a more extreme member of their own party, so compromise is no longer a dirty word, but divide and conquer are.

Sean Cranley


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