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Opinion | School Board gives disruptive kids a free pass

Opinion | School Board gives disruptive kids a free pass

Dear Editor: The Madison School Board is on the verge of keeping bad apples in middle school rather than suspending them.

The social justice warriors of the board are undermining the learning environment for the 98% of the students who are interested in learning, including most Black kids, and degrading the ability of staff to teach. Bad apples encourage other students to get involved in bad behavior and have a serious detrimental effect on general classroom learning. The average student is traumatized by bad apples kicking teachers, punching resource officers, calling administrators MFers and roaming the halls like bullies.

Board President Ali Muldrow, the anti-police advocate whose academic credentials are as fluffy as a down pillow, said, “It’s a proud moment" for her to discuss ending suspensions. All she and the board members are doing is ruining the whole bunch by keeping the bad apples in school. Children have to understand that there are consequences to bad behavior.

John Kiley


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