Dear Editor: I am passionate about Wisconsin maple syrup. It’s what we do. However, our success really began when we embraced digital tools and technology that helped us break through the noise. I’m concerned, however, that many elected officials want to change the way digital companies work and that their ideas could really hurt small businesses in ways they don’t understand.

We know our product is great and people like that it is 100% from Wisconsin. Other local producers are selling to large distributors who would blend lots of syrups into a generic product. We do the opposite, going all-in on our Wisconsin purity.

In the beginning, we had a website but it wasn’t getting much traffic. So three years ago we redid our website, focused on our digital marketing.

Our new strategy worked. Online advertising tools like Google Adwords and social media sites like Facebook have really helped us get the word out, both to consumers who shop on our website and grocery chains all across the country. Sales from our website have multiplied by more than 20 times and consumers are now asking local stores to carry our product.

Digital tools have really helped us grow and expand in the last few years. But I am starting to worry that this might not always be the case, because politicians and lawmakers seem to think that big technology companies are somehow bad for America. I know for certain that the small business tools these companies offer have been great for me and my business.

I am not a policy expert, but all of them need to understand and consider how new policies will affect small businesses like mine. Running a small business is extremely difficult, and digital small business tools have made it easier for me and my family.

Mitch Hoyt

Marathon City

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