Dear Editor: Representation matters. In order to see well-rounded, thoughtful outcomes, we need a diverse group of voices at the decision-making table. I was inspired by Kelda Roys' run for governor in 2017. It made me think a lot about representation and how important it is that parents of young children are able to be representatives in all our forms of government — not only for the sake of inspiring other women to run for office, but because the perspective of a parent is an incredibly valuable addition to important policy discussions. They’re thinking about the long term — what decisions mean not only for the constituents, but for their children and the future of our city.

Right now on our City Council, we only have one parent of a child under 12 who is currently on the council and running again. Out of 20? I find that unacceptable. This is why I’m supporting Allison Martinson for District 19 alder. She’s an impressively qualified community leader and also the mother of a little girl. I know she understands my concerns and will be looking out for our children's interests as well as those of her constituents in District 19.

Michelle Dunphy


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