Dear Editor: There are few things on which I agree with our outgoing governor, Scott Walker. However, "They were idiots" is the best summation of the Baraboo high school students' actions. It seems to me that none of the school board had much of an appetite to challenge the parents of these children. Their inaction speaks volumes.

I live in a majority-white school district. I don't pretend to know how minority students feel. I'm sure in my school district there are times when minority students feel they cannot be themselves and run into bigoted people. My job as a parent is to not tolerate bigotry and teach my children this at a young age. There are relatives who say prejudiced things, but to claim these relatives can't be told what is not tolerable is cowardice. We have mixed-race relatives and LGBT children on both sides of our family. My husband and I have made it clear to our kids what language is hurtful. We also give them a history of why it is hurtful. I also have had an incident at my elementary school over homophobic language. The school addressed it immediately. This occurred after a diversity lesson at the school. You can't just preach diversity, you also have to call it out when it actually happens.

The Baraboo School District failed. Yes, you are going to bruise some egos when you call kids out for their actions. That is why taxpayers are paying school administrators their big salaries.

Melissa Hibbard 

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