Dear Editor: What is wrong with the Republican-led Legislature in Wisconsin? Is Scott Fitzgerald trying to emulate Mitch McConnell in Washington?

The majority of Wisconsinites would like more gun control measures. Any family that has endured a suicide by gun would welcome the red flag gun law. At least 17 states now have approved some version of a red flag law.

Fitzgerald and Robin Vos do a real disservice to the citizens of Wisconsin with their behavior. Have any Republicans been touched by a gun suicide in their family? In Wisconsin, suicide is most common in the state's rural areas. A UW-Madison study found suicide most common among men, whites, people age 45 and older, and those living with mental health problems.

Apparently, Sen. Fitzgerald said Republicans were upset when the Agriculture Secretary criticized them for not moving fast enough to release $200,000 to fund mental health and suicide prevention services for farmers. Pfaff was rejected by the Senate and removed from his cabinet position this past week.

I am ashamed of our Legislature. Contact Fitzgerald and Vos in Madison to let them know how you feel.

Maureen Burke


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