Dear Editor: Rural America is changing. Small farmers are being bought off and bought out to make way for big business. The China tariffs are crushing small family farms out of existence. The backbone of America, the farmer with a tough work ethic that he passes on to his kids, is going, going, gone.

Tariffs against China have cost taxpayers $16 billion. In the counties across America that voted for Trump, there is a program where all taxpayers are helping the farmers get through a hard time. We Americans are socialists in the noblest sense of the word. Believe it. If our president loves farmers, it must be a level playing field for who gets the aid money. He loves all farmers, right? No, just the largest farms.

I have to ask if rural Trump supporters are being bought off their small family farms. Does this administration care about the small farm? Did they get the bulk of this bailout? No. The bigger the farm, the bigger the check. The top 1% were paid an average of $188,000, the bottom 80% averaged less than $5,000. Corporations and partnerships exceeded payment cap limits. Another cruel joke.

Two farms a day are folding in Wisconsin. Agritourism is developing. People visit small family farms like old world museums. I applaud new ideas, but find it so sad this way of life is fading.

Please wake up rural Wisconsin. Vote for candidates that might not look like you, but want you to succeed. The man in the shiny suit is the Pied Piper.

Mary Peterson-Smith

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