Dear Editor: Rep. John Nygren, leader of the Wisconsin Joint Finance Committee, posted a guest column, "Our budget invests in people" in the June 16 Wisconsin State Journal. He reports the Republicans have listened to the people of Wisconsin and the taxpayers. I disagree with this assessment; if they did listen, they would accept the federal funds to expand Medicaid in Wisconsin. Many of us contacted the JFC with this recommendation when our Legislature was asking for budget feedback.

Accepting the federal funds would bring over $1 billion for health care to our state as well as insure more Wisconsinites. Thirty-six other states and Washington, D.C., have accepted the funds; that's over 72% of the country. We all pay federal taxes, but in this case, our state and taxpayers won't benefit from this opportunity; those funds won't come to Wisconsin.

It's a no-brainer; Wisconsin should sign on to the Medicaid expansion. Our state has many other issues: schools, roads, infrastructure that we need to spend state tax monies on in order to keep our state viable into the 21st century.

Mary Biebl-Yahnke

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