Dear Editor: It is symptomatic of the pathology of seemingly routine gun violence that all eyes turn to the National Rifle Association, a private not-for-profit association, to both interpret the Constitution, and dictate the conversation, following massacres such as we have witnessed all too many times. Our government, more precisely our politicians, default to empty platitudes, more for posterity than leadership. This pattern has been followed during both Democratic and Republican governments.

The NRA has been in a condition of existential crisis over the last year. It is split over perceived corruption at the top, squandering millions of dollars, and sharp differences with their public relations firm, the source and impetus of their stance on gun violence. Their finances are in desperate straits. They are losing dues paying members and donors. Follow the money.

This has not been a secret. It has been front page news. Yet the Democratic Party does not strike at this vulnerability. All they have for us is self-righteous, self-serving, self-aggrandizing sniping in lieu of a winning, real-world strategy. Make no mistake, Republican or Democrat, the louder the fight, the more money pours into party coffers. Is this what it’s come to?

Mark Weiss

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