Dear Editor: Paul Fanlund's Oct. 25 column blaming leftists for the growing irrelevance of the Democratic Party is insulting, but even worse, it's wrong about why the Dems are losing so many elections.

As a "left wing goofball," I know that the Dems were strong when they actually fought for progressive ideas and against austerity and privatization.

The corporate wing of the party got the candidate they wanted in the last election, and she couldn't beat the most grotesque candidate the Republicans have put up in modern times.

Clinton couldn't even bring herself to back a $15 an hour minimum wage, let alone Medicare for all. Maybe if she had, some of the 42 percent of the eligible voters who didn't vote would have thought it was worth leaving the house to vote for her, and we wouldn't have a white supremacist in the White House.

If he needs proof that the policies pushed by "moderate" Dems like Clinton are not working, he can look at the state Capitol not only Wisconsin but in states across the nation.

Nothing fails like failure. How much more evidence does he need?

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Mark Thomas


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