Dear Editor: I find it very interesting that each time a Republican statesperson passes away, there is an outpouring from other Republicans stating their respect for the recently departed. They eulogize the person as being decent, a true patriot, with dignity and integrity, a lifelong public servant serving their country with grace and humility. Even President Trump was able to say nice things about President Bush (not so much about Sen. McCain).

I would echo their comments about Sen. John McCain and now President George Bush, statesmen who I didn’t always agree with, but respected based upon their lifelong service and commitment to our country, to our democracy.

We need these same Republicans to start acting in a way that will honor the memory of these statesmen by emulating the courage that Sen. McCain and President George Bush showed consistently in their public lives. It is cynical to make these comments and then mindlessly and consistently support a president who in no way acts in accordance with the eulogies now being offered once again.

Mark Severtson

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