Dear Editor: I have been registered to vote since 1976 at my same Madison address. When I attempted to vote in both November 2016 and February 2018, I was asked for my name and date of birth, only to be told that I was not a registered voter.

The second time this happened, I decided to investigate. The Wisconsin Elections Commission and the city of Madison found that on Nov. 1, 2016, some unknown person entered my voter record and changed my birth date so that I did not appear in the voter list at the polls. The responsible officials have been unable to explain how this could have happened, or tell me how many other voters have had their records mishandled so that they do not appear in the voter list.

Misadministration, voter suppression and illicit hacking are legitimate and growing concerns. Yet our governor has reduced the staff of the Elections Commission. We need more robust systems to guard our fragile and vulnerable democracy.

Lynn McDonald


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