Dear Editor: We are very disappointed in the many Madison and Dane County elected officials who have failed to state their views on the proposed F-35s at the Dane County Regional Airport. Some say they are waiting until the public meeting on Sept. 12 at the Alliant Center, but a great deal can be learned in the environmental impact statement released by the Air Force this month, and none of it is reassuring:

We are talking significant noise pollution and disruption affecting a wide population including classrooms, churches, seniors and families. Madisonians, disproportionately minority and low-income and living in the 1,000 homes closest to the base, will have to relocate. And yet very few elected officials will speak up or out about this. If they are in favor of the jets being located in Madison, they need to say why. If they are against having the jets here, they need to speak up. And sooner, rather than later.

Liz Dannenbaum and Donna Winter


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