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Letter | Why doesn't GOP probe elections they won?

Letter | Why doesn't GOP probe elections they won?

Dear Editor: Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, with the support of Assembly Republicans, has committed the state to spend $676,000 to have former state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman investigate the 2020 presidential election. While $676,000 is a very small part of the overall state budget, it is real money. It would take a person working 40 hours a week, earning $15 dollars an hour, 21 years to earn $676,000.

Vos, who famously served as an election worker in the spring 2020 election while wearing his hazardous materials suit, should know better. Wisconsin has people of both major parties watching polls in every municipality. State statutes require “all inspectors shall be affiliated with one of the 2 recognized political parties which received the largest number of votes for president, or governor in nonpresidential general election years.”

So if the parties submit a list of inspectors to a election clerk, their people will be observing the polling process.

Also, most of the “irregularities” cited by Republicans critical of the 2020 election were COVID-related safety measures, none of which offered any fewer opportunities for Trump supporters to vote than they did to non-Trump supporters.

In addition, allegations that voting machine manufacturers somehow rigged the election against Trump makes no sense in a capitalist system. Any vote machine company that made machines that could be rigged risks being put out of business forever.

U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson has admitted that President Biden won the 2020 election, noting that if Trump received as many votes as down ballot Republicans did he would have won Wisconsin. If the presidential election is suspect, then so are the other November 2020 elections that elected a majority of Republicans to the Assembly.

Funny, Vos and his colleagues don’t question their own elections.

Jeff Seering


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