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Letter | Unassuming Parisi is an effective leader

Letter | Unassuming Parisi is an effective leader

Dear Editor: I want to thank Paul Fanlund for the excellent article on our county executive, Joe Parisi.

It's about time someone noticed how lucky we are in Dane County. Parisi has an unusual talent for putting the needs of others in proper perspective. He is a person who came from modest beginnings and understands the need for government to help people, as Fanlund stated so well in his article. His ability to see beyond his next term in office and actually run government in the manner that serves so many is truly unique.

Our country would be a much better place if we had more people running it that see things the way Joe Parisi does. In this day and age that's probably expecting too much, but we can still hope.

Thanks for taking the time to highlight an individual who rarely if ever seeks to be the focus of something.

Dan Egan


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