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Letter | Replace DeJoy as postmaster general

Letter | Replace DeJoy as postmaster general

Dear Editor: I would imagine many people, like me, are scratching their heads, wondering how Louis DeJoy, our esteemed postmaster general, can unveil a plan to reduce mail services to us, while increasing our costs.

My suggestion is that President Joe Biden simply replace DeJoy, as soon as possible. Speaking of the mail, whose bright idea was it that all mail originating in Madison must first go to Milwaukee for processing. Even mail intended for delivery from one Madison address to another Madison address must first go to Milwaukee. If DeJoy's goal is cost-cutting, wouldn't keeping Madison's mail in Madison save money?

Finally, with the baseball plans upon us, what sense does the current playoff system make, when arguably the two best teams in baseball, the Giants and the Dodgers, will not play each other for the National League Championship. A more equitable system would be to have the playoffs scheduled according to the season-ending records. The best best teams with the least number of wins should play each other in Round 1 (Cardinals vs. Braves). The winner of that series, which should be three games, would then play the team with the best record, the Giants, while the next two best teams would play each other (Dodgers vs. Brewers). This same process would, of course, be implemented in the American League. This change would heighten the excitement and, ultimately, make the World Series even better. 

Michael Herring


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