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Letter | Israeli war crimes resolution isn't antisemitic

Letter | Israeli war crimes resolution isn't antisemitic

Dear Editor: I was disappointed that the Dane County Board decided to take up and then quietly bury a resolution condemning Israeli war crimes against Palestinians in Gaza that occurred this May, which displaced 90,000, caused over $150 million in property damage and killed 66 children. The resolution affirms the findings of Human Rights Watch, which recognizes Israel as an apartheid state committing human rights violations, and calls on the federal government to halt any further financial support or weapons sales to Israel.

Madison for Palestine, the group that brought the resolution forward, was given few details on why it was pulled except that someone objected to it because it was “antisemitic.” Is it antisemitic to state that Israel destroyed a Doctors without Borders Clinic? Or bombed the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund? Or state the extent of suffering inflicted on Palestinians by Israel’s policies, which was subsidized by our taxpayers? I don’t think so.

I believe that our tax dollars shouldn’t be funding a state that is actively expanding illegal settlements, bulldozing homes or committing war crimes with impunity — in violation not only of international law, but of our own laws. The case against doing so is laid out handily in this resolution, which is being denied the opportunity to be debated and voted on. I urge the board to resist kowtowing to those in the community that would level the charge of antisemitism without any substantial evidence of such.

Last year the board voted to affirm “Black Lives Matter.” What about human rights? Do the lives of Palestinians matter? The board should answer that. Their constituents are paying attention.

Richard McGowan


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