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Letter | Facebook is a plague on the world

Letter | Facebook is a plague on the world

Dear Editor: Mark Zuckerberg is worth an estimated $98 billion. Through Facebook, Zuckerberg runs algorithms of disinformation hate and loathing which so addict users that they cannot quit “social” media.

Facebook has over 223 million users in the U.S. What part do Facebook’s algorithms have in the hate and division in our nation and around the world? What part did its algorithms have in the Jan. 6 attack on our government? Is the extreme hate in the GOP alt right intensified by Facebook?

Recent revelations by whistleblowers and Facebook’s own research show how detrimental Facebook is to young girls and other users.

Zuckerberg’s all-consuming love of money has brought evil to the lives of hundreds of millions.

Mark Zuckerberg needs taxing at a rate of 60%. He has had more than enough time to rid Facebook of divisive lies and disinformation. He has stonewalled Congress.

The company needs to be sued and broken up for its disregard of ethical standards and social responsibility. Facebook is a plague on the world. Zuckerberg needs to be shown he is not above the law.

Daniel Holzman


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