Dear Editor: Rep. Barbara Dittrich, in a recent opinion piece, “Divided Government: Compromise and Vetoes” (July 11), accuses Gov. Evers of “pandering to big cities” and acting “like a dictator” in signing the biennial budget into law. In fact, the final budget demonstrates huge compromises and supports most of what the Republicans wanted.

For instance: instead of a modest increase in the tax rate on manufacturing and capital gains income, the Republicans passed a budget that leaves our state with scant margin for emergencies. The governor’s proposed tax cut for the middle class was even higher than the one allowed by the Republicans. Most egregious of all, the Republicans blocked the Medicaid expansion, walking away from $1.6 billion in federal funding earmarked for Wisconsin that would help low-wage working families pay for health insurance. And while there is an increase in general aid for schools, the Republican majority refused to even address the state’s flawed school funding formula that harms many schools. Recently, we have just witnessed the closing of an entire school district: Palmyra-Eagle.

Compromise, indeed. Rep. Dittrich’s inflammatory and misleading tone makes it clear that we must remain vigilant to assure that our voices are heard.

Leslie DeMuth

Lake Mills

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