Dear Editor: When I first met TJ Mertz, I couldn’t have disagreed with him more on some of the education issues we both care about so deeply. Now, 15 years later, although we still disagree on some things, we are in absolute agreement about the important stuff. For example, we both agree that the educational needs of our students are more important than the public relations needs of our school district.

Over the years, I’ve come to have enormous respect for TJ Mertz and a deep appreciation for his presence on the School Board. Why? Because no one on the board devotes more time to their board responsibilities — or comes to meetings as well prepared — as TJ does. No one has worked as hard as TJ has to teach himself how to understand student data. And no one has shown more courage and independence of thought in their efforts to hold the district administration accountable to the community, one of a School Board’s most important duties.

On April 2, I will be voting to re-elect TJ Mertz to the Madison School Board because of his dedication, knowledge, skills, independence, and courage. I hope you will join me.

Laurie Frost

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