Dear Editor: The Republican majority has once again ignored the will of the Wisconsin people by not even debating the two gun legislation bills presented to them during the special session called by Gov. Evers. This disrespect that all of the Republican legislators have shown to the people they are supposed to represent continues to be alarming to say the least, and anger-producing at best. Speaker Vos stated on "UpFront" that he is "open" to listening to the "other side," yet when they had that opportunity, he CHOSE to shut it down in seconds.

Speaker Vos and Leader Fitzgerald continue to foment the divisive and obstructionist tactics that Scott Walker introduced into our state over eight years ago now, and to what purpose? It is my opinion that most everything the Republicans have done since the people chose to reject Scott Walker and his policies/tactics is done solely out of vindictiveness. The legislators know that that the majority of Wisconsinites want these two reasonable gun bills to be enacted because their constituents have contacted them by phone, by email, through demonstrations and polls, yet they continue to ignore the facts and pursue their own agendas and the interests of their donors versus the people. The dysfunction that Scott Walker and his minions introduced into Wisconsin has been and continues to be a microcosm of what is happening in Washington, D.C., and the only solace I can take is that their house of cards is beginning to crumble not only nationally, but in Wisconsin as well. Speaker Vos and Leader Fitzgerald along with Scott Walker and all the Republicans who support their destructive and divisive tactics will go down in our state history as the most disingenuous Wisconsin politicians ever elected, and yet they claim Democrats are "playing politics." Really? We will remember!

Laurie Asplund


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