Dear Editor: Regarding Dave Zweifel's column about high-speed rail: Organized labor said all of this when Wisconsin was offered $800 million by the feds, but then labor was being vilified by the same governor who rejected the money which went to California and New York.

All one had to do was look at what light rail, leading to high speed rail looks like in China and some U.S. states and cities like Atlanta, Chicago or Canada. The only “boondoggle” was the governor who did not know how to govern back then. I graduated with Roger Utnehmer from Antigo High School but have been educated, lived and worked in Madison since then. Roger is about nine years too late in writing about this. Where were the editorial comments back then?

People from Dane County were appalled at the rejection of funding for what could have been a very good project. Doyle threw in the towel way too soon but there seemed to be underlying issues as to why he took the path he took. I’m sure there’s a hidden story there.

Walker has to be optimistic about his failure since he will run for office again, he has so much as said so. It’s called spin. This train has left the station.

Larry Legro

Sun Prairie

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