Dear Editor: Pat Schneider’s “UW student council adopts anti-Semitism resolution” was a pathetic pro-Israel puff piece.

A popular IDF T-shirt shows a pregnant Palestinian mother with a target on her belly. It reads: “One shot two kills.” The T-shirt is not an aberration. It reflects the genocidal sentiment of a majority of Israeli Jews, 95 percent of whom have supported the periodic Gaza massacres according to polls. Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked openly urges the mass murder of Palestinian mothers. Why? Because they bear children, whom Shaked calls “little snakes” who also must be exterminated. (Those quotes didn’t end her career; they got her promoted.)

International law professor Francis Boyle has persuasively argued that Israel is committing genocide according to the legal definition of that term. The problem is not “specific Israeli government policies,” but the very concept of a Jewish state in Occupied Palestine, which necessarily entails the genocidal elimination of the Palestinians.

The ongoing Palestinian genocide cost U.S. taxpayers $1.6 trillion prior to 2002, according to economist Thomas Stauffer. Recent estimates go much higher. Gideon Polya, a Jewish professor from Australia who specializes in avoidable mortality, argues that the 9/11 wars – designed to destroy the Middle East on behalf of Israel – have killed 32 million Muslims. Polya writes of the "$7 trillion long-term accrual cost of killing millions of Muslims abroad instead of keeping millions of Americans alive at home.”

More and more college students, including Jewish students, are waking up to the horrors of Zionism and its overwhelming power in America. Israel has responded by massively funding efforts to criminalize the truth about Israel, and to silence anyone who dares to speak out. That is what the verbal lynching of Katrina Morrison by Israel’s agents on the UW-Madison campus was really all about.

Kevin Barrett

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