Dear Editor: We need clean energy to protect us, our air, health and climate.

That's why I thank Jon Becker for challenging the erroneous assertions of GOP state Rep. Kuglitsch. As Becker, along with others, explains, we do have the technology to reach Gov. Evers' goals of 100% carbon-free energy in Wisconsin.

Besides, even if Kuglitsch has a fraction of a point that clean energy technology is in any way not perfectly ready this very second, that is immaterial. Many, if not most, technologies we use and take for granted today were arguably not doable, practical or feasible at the time the goal was set or the vision was cast. Consider the history of clean drinking water, electric lights, seat-belts, pollution control systems, the Apollo moon landings, the smart phone, the internet, and more. We don't truly know how to do anything until we choose to try. As we set a worthy goal, cast an inspiring vision, and pursue them to completion, only then do we finally make them happen.

It will be such an encouraging day when Kuglitsch and his fellow Republicans instead embrace and echo Evers' and Beckers' vision of hope, healing and progress. If we can move forward together at the state level, then we may even inspire movement at the federal level, including passage of H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. Let your state and federal legislators know you want bipartisan action for clean energy that will protect our air, health and climate.

Kermit Hovey


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