Dear Editor: This is the "summer of our discontent" as reports of extreme weather events of seemingly apocalyptic severity just keep coming. We already realize that this year will out-warm last year, which out-warmed the year before and so it goes.

It is difficult to wrap your mind around such statistics. It is hard to imagine the scope of the wildfires or the billions of dollars in property damage or the exodus of "climate refugees." Hard to imagine 500 million trees dead in Iran after a 14-year drought.

But climate scientists maintain that it is not too late. Consider the reaction to 9/11 and how everything that was done had a national security focus. Remember the high priority given to that threat to human life. Climate chaos is a national security and human rights issue. We need a rallying cry in the form of government legislation that places a fee on the source of the warming: fossil fuel use.

A carbon fee and dividend approach is a common-sense and market-based approach that is well worth trying. Contacting your representatives and urging them to enact this type of legislation is well worth trying, too. Over and over again.

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Kelly Aanrud

Amherst Junction

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