Dear Editor: Some think "socialism" is a dirty word. But what about democracy? The German Democratic Republic was actually the eastern part of divided Germany ruled by Soviet masters. North Korea’s official title is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Any country ruled by despots cannot be truly socialist or democratic.

The Constitution demands that we Americans "promote the general welfare." Isn’t that affording all citizens quality of life, including good health care and the opportunity to support themselves adequately? If we take away someone's ability to access medical care, we are contradicting the Constitution. In caring for the less fortunate, we are also following the Bible's teaching.

Socialism and Christianity both involve looking after each other by sharing our wealth, both through charity and contributing fairly to taxation that covers everyone’s needs with no profit motive. In contrast to socialism, those who pile up riches for themselves by giving less than they can afford or cheating on taxes are selfish profiteers.

Socialism is really just wanting the best for everyone, a philosophy in agreement with true Christianity. It's establishing a healthier, more productive local economy and population by pooling public resources through taxation and promoting the general welfare of all.

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Kay Ziegahn

Richland Center

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