Dear Editor: What kind of government colludes with the enemy against our country's interest? Accepts bribes or "dark money" from special interests to push corporate agendas over voter interests? Discriminates against people of color or different religions? Lies and cheats for their own self-gain? Forces their so called "Christian agenda" on others? Destroys the long-trusted institutions of public schools, health, safety, voting rights, fair taxation according to representation, transparency and accountability, freedom of speech and freedom of religion?

What kind of government? The corrupt government we have today! Stand up and clean up our government from these filthy politics! You can start by joining over 105 communities in Wisconsin and 19 states that have adopted resolutions that want to get "big money" or "dark money" out of politics and place limits on political donations.

Please contact these chairs of the Assembly and Senate committees and urge them to sponsor an open hearing on bills AJR53 in the Assembly and SJR54 in the Senate to let the public have a statewide vote and let voters decide if they want to get "dark money" out of politics! Sen. Dave Craig, SJR54, 608-266-5400 or Rep. Scott Allen, AJR53, 608-266-8580 or

Kathleen Williams

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