Dear Editor: When I heard that peace-loving, environmentally friendly Madison is being considered as a home for the F-35 nuclear bombing jets, I could hardly believe my ears. Yes, the blasts of noise from the training exercises will cause a lot of stress and are a recognized threat to small children's hearing, but that's only the beginning. From my research, I discovered that the F-35 fighter jets will carry nuclear bombs for first-strike operations. Covered in a combustible coating to prevent their detection by the enemy, these jets emit highly toxic fumes should they crash. And the risk of their crashing is one of their serious problems, and the reason they are controversial even within the military itself. Perhaps the most worrisome factor in the selection of Madison as a testing ground and home for the nuclear fighter jets is that this would make our city a clear target should warfare ever break out.

Fortunately, I have faith that as the facts emerge on the dangers involved, the people will take a strong stand against bringing in the F-35 fighter jets and the mayor, alders, and legislators will follow their lead.

Katherine van Wormer


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