Dear Editor: Wisconsin is experiencing rapid build-out of 5G AT&T cell towers by Bug Tussel in areas with adequate cell service and fiber optic cables. Fiber runs data faster and more securely than cellular data.

In West Lima, Richland County, local farmer Scott Miller has signed an agreement to lease land to Bug Tussel for a 300-foot tower. Over 30 people have written letters of opposition, many from the Amish community and a family with a daughter with leukemia. Our local Bloom Township chairman, Calvin Brown, defends corporate rights over community rights and will not listen to his constituency stating that towers bring economic activity.

Problem is that our state legislature passed a law (Statute 66.0404) taking away community rights to challenge these towers.

Many communities are opposing new cell towers which decrease property value up to 20 percent and put health at risk from microwave radiation greater than 10mw/cm2, a fact substantiated by 14,000 studies worldwide. Our beautiful ridges will look like industrial zones. Tower pads are leased so no taxes are paid by Bug Tussel.

We get all the risk — health, economic and destruction of aesthetics — they get all the money.

Our federal government has an agreement with AT&T to build about 300,000 towers, the same amount built in the last 20 years. AT&T denies the towers will have 5G but towers can be switched from 4G to 5G easily. Communities in Europe are banning the building of 5G with frequency capability of 1000mw/cm2, a frequency used in weaponry.

Juliee de la Terre


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