Dear Editor: Why do we have to lose something before we realize what a good thing we had? Why do we let ourselves be fooled, over and over again, by those who are only interested in their own gain?

It's because we do not know how our own government works, me included. I've constantly been amazed how wrong I was about something the government does or costs because of being fed a steady diet of misinformation by some who want to take over some part of our government for their own profit. And what we get is less service for more cost. What we gave up was a public service staffed by our neighbors who care about our community for far less cost, that is an investment in us. I didn't realize that the post office was not paid for by taxes but is self-funded, did you? And frankly even if it were, I'd still rather that than what we get from corporations that don't care about us or our community. I really appreciate Mark Dimondstein's column setting things straight.

Julie Crego


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