Dear Editor: The private sector (business) is a vital part of America, but business cannot answer all of our societal problems or issues, in fact many they cause (more oil). They paint our government as a nuisance that needs to be shrunk and gotten out of their way. Our form of government (democracy) is the voice of the people that stands as the great equalizer against the power amassed by the wealthy few. Just consider how they talk about taxes — "taxes are bad," ignoring that it was our taxes that bailed some of them out. Taxes are the investment we make in each other to create things such as a clean environment, good roads, public schools, safe food and medicine and much more including laws that should apply equally to all. As our government, we have historically worked toward a better society that enables the private to flourish, or it did until business took over our government and proceeded to shrink it and dismantle it. Businessmen cannot regulate themselves. Regulations exist to protect our investments from business' single-minded "profit is king" mentality. I am fed up with their drive to dominate, ignoring our future, basically fiddling while we burn. Enough!

Julie Crego

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