Dear Editor: I am deeply disappointed in Sen. Tammy Baldwin’s support of the F-35 jets being housed at Truax.

A few months ago, I joined several others in visiting Baldwin’s Madison office and met with a senior staff person to voice our concerns. We received a response stating that she supported the F-35 and that they are no noisier than the F-16s.

However, though the noise is a health concern to residents on the east side of Madison, Baldwin completely ignored another critical point that we brought up with her staff. The F-35 is part of the U.S. war machine and that is what I most strongly oppose. We have more weapons than we need, and the money spent is desperately needed to provide for human needs.

The U.S. government is making war in at least seven different countries and we need to rein this in. We are responsible for killing thousands of innocent children, women, and men, and causing enormous human suffering to our brothers and sisters around the world. This war-making has got to stop and we need to call for an end to these weapons of destruction, not encourage them.

The suffering of innocent people is the biggest reason to not support the F-35.

When Baldwin first went to Washington, she shared progressive values with her many anti-war constituents. I am deeply sorry to see how much she has changed during her time in Washington. I can no longer, in good conscience, vote for her, and I ask all other Wisconsin progressives to consider withholding their vote unless and until we see a change in her stand on this issue. It is not enough to support a handful of progressive issues while supporting and funding the biggest war machine in the history of the world.

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Joy First

Mount Horeb

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