Dear Editor: I do not believe it is correct to put Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the same basket. Sanders ignites the passions of '60s leftists and idealistic, uncompromising young people who are drawn to his new American revolution. This is the not the space occupied by Elizabeth Warren. She believes in the market economy, albeit one that is properly regulated. She doesn't believe that the market works well in education or health care. Neither do I. The profit motive does not work well in either of these areas.

Plus, Elizabeth Warren's idea is to take the measures necessary to right the ship of state, to solve the problems that government is best equipped to take on, like energy, like climate change, like education, like rebuilding the middle class. And as she says, she has plans for how to do these things. She is not trying to roil the crowds with radical rhetoric. She is simply trying to make this a country that works for all of us, and she has sound ideas for how to do this.

When you label a candidate like Elizabeth Warren as a "leftie," you are playing into the hands of Republicans. She is a serious candidate with a serious message. And this is why she is gaining momentum in all the places she has campaigned.

John Woods

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