Dear Editor: A few years ago we used to read in the media that the income gap in this country was 400 to 1. In the last few years it has suddenly shrunk to 300 to 1. How is this possible when the income gap has been steadily increasing all this time? Is this more of economists' smoke and mirrors? Not at all. It's all done with semantics and mirrors. The 400 to 1 ratio was that between the highest executive salary and the wage of the lowest paid employee. The 300 to 1 ratio is that between the highest executive salary and the average wage of employees. By simply changing the terminology, economists magically shrank the income gap 25%. And no one noticed the legerdemain. In the meantime, our kleptocratic, billionaire, populist president is steadily widening the income gap that helped get him elected, as political scientists had been warning us for the last 30 years. So, will our democracy rise from the ashes like the phoenix? Well, we'll see what happens. (Yes, it will.)

John Morgan

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