Dear Editor: I heard this joke awhile ago. How do you get Donald Trump to change a lightbulb? You can't. The Republicans just sit around in the dark telling him what a great job he did changing the bulb.

This is funny, but it's also sadly true. He is a dim bulb in a darkening time. Will he destroy the Republican Party, American democracy, civilization, or all of the above? That's our history quiz for today.

Speaking of history, when the next edition of history textbooks comes out, how will they explain the Trump administration? If the conservatives are still in power, they will portray his administration as one of progress and social reform, and a whole generation will be brainwashed. Liberals would give him a fair, but critical, assessment, and students would get a good lesson in how to recognize a demagogue when one rises out of the muck.

When Trump first said that the press is the enemy of the people, since he was using the rhetoric of dictators, why didn't Congress begin impeachment proceedings the next day? Because they're Republicans.

So if Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital creates Armageddon, will that be grounds for impeachment? Not if you're a Republican.

But Roy Moore got shot off his horse, and Aaron Rodgers is back on course, so all is well.

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John Morgan


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